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Direct Duty of Care

Intelligent Risk Management

When you need access to real-time data to locate and communicate with your travelers during a crisis, Direct Travel’s Duty of Care solution is a one-stop platform hyper-focused on getting you the information you need so you can get your travelers out of harm’s way, fast.

Duty of Care

Access to All Traveler Data

Using the Direct Travel Duty of Care platform means that you have a global view of your travelers at all times. Drill down into your traveler’s itinerary to know where they are and
how to reach them.

Locate & Communicate Fast

Locate & Communicate Fast

Travel disruptions and emergencies happen. That’s why it’s crucial you have ability to locate and communicate with your travelers when they need immediate support.

Locate & Communicate Fast

Keep Your Travelers Informed

Keep Your Travelers Informed

Instant travel alerts keep you and your people updated 24/7/365. And before your travelers depart, Trip Briefs prepare your travelers with destination intelligence.


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