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International Tools

Today, we walk around with digital personal assistant apps at our beck and call—so it’s no surprise that travelers expect travel technology to be just as helpful when it comes to taking the headache out of traveling abroad.

Meet Direct Global Assist.

Developed to break down the language and cultural barriers that international travelers face, this application helps travelers seamlessly navigate on-the-go. As the app has evolved, cost saving features such as a Wi-Fi dialer and traveler safety tools such as a security hotline were added to make Direct Global Assist the must-have app overseas.

Whether you need medical assistance on the road, or simply trying to understand your driver in Beijing, Direct Global Assist is there.

Functions include:

Phrases, translation and learning tools
Phrases, Translation & Learning tools
  • 2,000+ local phrases per language w/ audio
  • Instant Voice Translator
  • Audio lessons, flashcards and more
Cost savings through our international travel app
Cost Savings
  • Wi-Fi dialer- call any international phone number using Wi-Fi
  • Tip Calculator- Suggests appropriate tip in different situations
    (Up to $19/day savings)
Traveler safety through our international travel app
Traveler Safety
  • Instant access to a live translator or security hotline
  • Medical, emergency & food allergy phrases
  • Embassy & hospital locator
Cultural awareness and traveler satisfaction
Cultural Awareness & Traveler Satisfaction
  • Culture tips for common business situations
  • Easily communicate & avoid hassles
  • Currency converter, tip calculator & other essential tools

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