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Everyone deserves exceptional service. But we know that some of your travelers require an extra level of care.

Direct Travel has assembled a team of exceptional senior travel advisors with the specialized skills necessary to manage even the most diverse needs of your VIPs. These travel advisors effectively provide the highest level of care while proactively working to avert any potential obstacles your VIP travelers may encounter en route. From the simple needs (reconfirming reservations the day before departure) to the more complex requirements (planning a last-minute multi-faceted global itinerary)—we’ve got you covered with highly personalized experiences, every time.

What happens when your VIP travelers need assistance after hours? Do they need to sacrifice their service expectations just because of when they happen to need those services? We don’t think so, which is why we created a VIP after-hours desk: Executive VIP. We deliver a premium level experience 24/7, no matter when your VIP travelers need us.

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