Channel Loyalty

Channel Loyalty

Everyone Wins While Building Brand Advocacy.

Because your channel partners are an integral part of your team, you need to structure your channel loyalty program properly, basing it on the type of channel partner you want to motivate, and your relationship with the companies involved.

Why? Because incentive and reward programs can directly influence the willingness, interest and energy of the channel partner to sell and support your products and services—which affects your ability to reach your goals.

Ultimately, it comes down to loyalty. Building loyalty means building sales focus, and by the same token—building sales creates loyalty. And this partnership works at optimal levels if incentives are aligned and if the risks, costs, and rewards of doing business are distributed fairly. This is critical, because misaligned incentives are often the cause of excess inventory, stock-outs, incorrect forecasts, inadequate sales efforts and even poor customer service.

It’s a delicate balance, and we can help you reach it by helping you understand and navigate the nuances of creating an aligned channel partner incentive program—that will help grow your business.

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