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Corporate Travel Booking

Direct Travel is advancing your travel program with the tools that your employees need. We offer industry-renowned travel booking and expense tools to elevate the travel experience with corporate travel booking solutions for your employees.

Pinpointing and implementing the ideal OBT for your business and employees can result in cost savings, increased efficiency through utilizing a centralized system, increased travel policy compliance and the convenience of being able to complete bookings on the go. No matter the size of your company, our relationships with industry-leading online booking tools (OBTs) mean we can find a solution that meets your needs and scalable as your business grows.

What is an Online Travel Booking Tool?

An online corporate travel booking tool is a platform with two purposes:


Give your travelers a simple, streamlined way to book business travel on their own.

2Employee Compliance

The OBTs we work with feature intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces to efficiently book travel.

For Corporate Travel Managers

There are quite a few options in the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is best for your program. Finding an online corporate travel booking tool that strikes the perfect balance between compliance, savings and traveler satisfaction is critical for getting your travelers to stick with the program.

After making a booking tool selection, Direct Travel works with you to ensure that your tool is properly programmed with your policies (making it easier for your travelers to choose compliant options) and provides proper training and coaching to make sure your travelers can become confident self-bookers.

With lower fees and customizable policy compliance features, implementing an OBT – or boosting adoption with the one you already have – is a simple way to instantly impact your savings goals.

For Business Travelers

Corporate travel booking can seem like a hassle in an already full schedule—but it doesn’t have to be. Using an OBT is a gateway to quickly and easily book your travel in just a few clicks.

We have curated relationships and partnerships with key OBT providers to make your end-to-end booking experience seamless from start to finish.

By booking through your company’s chosen OBT, you reap the benefits for yourself and the company by making the travel booking process easy for you and cost-effective for your employer.

Regardless of your OBT preference, we’ve got you covered.

Centralize Your Booking Experience

Corporate travel booking starts with completing a traveler profile – the bedrock of every reservation. Using our integrated profile system, your travel profile is quickly built using a feed that populates key pieces of traveler information that become part of the booking process.

Speed up the booking process by ensuring your travel profile is updated prior to booking your trip. Not only does it allow you to book faster, it streamlines the process and captures your preferences so you have a great trip each time.

Personal Information; Travel Documents; Travel Loyalty Numbers; Travel Preferences; Seating Requirements; Dietary Requirements

Direct Travel also secures and protects all your information with industry-leading data protection measures to proactively mitigate the threat of a security breach.

By making sure your profile is up to date, your traveler preferences and needs are met each time you book a business trip.

Boost Your Travel Experience, Support Your Business

Your organization takes care of you, so why not take care of the organization? When you book online, it not only helps your organization save money, but you also reap the benefits.

Direct Access to Preferred Rates, Upgrades and More

Unlike booking outside the program on a consumer site, when you book in-program, you have instant access to fares, rates, upgrades and perks your travel management company secures for you.

Support on the Road

Help is just a phone call away when your trip doesn’t go as planned. Booking out-of-program may mean you’re on your own during a crisis and risk incurring expensive fees.

Smart Business Decisions to Support Your Organization

Support the travel program not only by booking in-program, but in-policy. This simple move increases savings and gives your travel manager additional resources to provide you with exclusive supplier upgrades and perks.

At Direct Travel, we provide the tools and services to make it easy to book with your company’s travel program without comprising how you prefer to travel, resulting in a business trip that allows you to focus on meeting your company goals.

Advance Technology with Customer Care

In today’s world, we realize that in some cases technology is beginning to replace people. However, we believe that as this happens some entities forget that, as they eliminate people, service delivery becomes more obscured. As proud as we are of our technology offering and what it does to enhance the traveler experience and our clients’ bottom lines, Direct Travel will continue to invest in the human element—because sometimes you simply need a real person to help. Direct Travel offers multi-faceted support through a team chosen for your account.

No matter the situation, your travel advisors know your corporate travel policy inside and out and can make updates to your travel itinerary with ease. Even when you’ve booked through your OBT, your team of travel advisors manages things like travel disruptions through proactive communications, coupled with a re-booking process to secure travel accommodations when unplanned events happen.

Whether you prefer cutting-edge technology, the real deal or a combination of the two, we make it easy.

Learn More About the Next Generation of Online Booking

Direct Travel provides the latest travel and expense reporting tools through preferred partnerships and tenured relationships with industry-leading tools—giving you the options to choose what’s right for your program and your travelers.

There are many options—and we’re here to help. To make sure you understand each tool’s key features and functionality in order to make an informed decision, schedule a demo with Direct Travel technology consultants to determine which booking tool is right for your travel program.

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