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Traveler Experience

Outstanding Traveler Care

Your employees are your most valuable asset—which is exactly why their business travel experience is important. At Direct Travel, we know that if you make travel an easier, more pleasant experience, your employees are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs overall.

Direct Travel provides a better traveler experience every step of the way through high-touch customer service, traveler-centric technologies, seamless after-hours support, engaging training sessions, robust travel risk management solutions, online booking tool support, and more. We make sure your travelers have the right resources and technology in their hands to improve their experience.

Still, doesn’t focusing on traveler experience mean you have to sacrifice your savings and compliance goals? No, not with Direct Travel.

We’ve spent years making the content, policy compliant traveler a reality. All across our client base, we’ve put into motion dual-purpose strategies that target our clients’ policy parameters while keeping their travelers engaged and satisfied.

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