A Commitment to Progress

As one of North America's leading travel management companies, Direct Travel recognizes that it's not only our goal, but our responsibility to lead the way in promoting positive change. This is what we call: Direct Impact. Our Direct Impact initiatives reflect a commitment to fostering diversity, advancing sustainability, and supporting wellness initiatives. We aim to build an inclusive environment that encourages innovation and progress through enacting goal-driven policies and encouraging meaningful actions. Together, we can continue to make a Direct Impact, now and for generations to come.

Key leadership positions are
currently held by women
1 of 15
Remote workforce,
reducing emissions
10 %
Volunteer hours provided
annually, organization-wide
1000 +


Prioritizing sustainable business practices

Direct Travel is committed to environmental stewardship, realizing that our actions today affect the world tomorrow. As a result, we’ve launched Direct ATPI Halo, as a hub for sustainable travel ideas, technologies, and projects. This platform aims to redefine corporate travel by championing sustainability, thereby supporting organizations in adopting more eco-friendly travel practices. We continue to conduct a greenhouse gas emissions inventory for our organization, with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

  • Fulfills corporate sustainability goals as a certified Ecovadis member.
  • Facilitating carbon footprint awareness through our e-waste committee and
    employee education.
  • Offers a range of high-quality offset projects to neutralize unavoidable emissions.


Direct Travel streamlines corporate travel planning by seamlessly integrating our high-touch service with cutting-edge technology. We create user-friendly booking tools, boost savings through advanced back-end systems, and increase compliance by making your program the preferred choice. Our tailored approach puts your travelers’ preferences at the forefront, ensuring a smooth and efficient process without compromising your policy.

Our commitment to your team

  • We empower your employees with the flexibility and resources to book on their terms, enhancing satisfaction and policy compliance.
  • Complete peace of mind. From the moment of booking to the journey home, we continuously deliver an exceptional travel experience while keeping you informed.
  • Always access the best rates for air, hotel, and transportation from our robust supplier partnerships.


We provide a robust suite of training tools, both online and onsite, to help your travelers feel comfortable with the online portal, online booking tool, policy nuances, and much more. We also offer regular status meetings and industry updates to ensure you’re up-to-date on your travel program’s progress. Our goal is to maximize online adoption and policy compliance while making travel management a seamless and intuitive process.

Making the travel process easy to understand

  • Customized training methods tailored to align with your business needs and traveler behaviors.
  • We ensure travelers feel comfortable with the online portal, online booking tool, policy nuances, TSA requirements, and much more.
  • All training sessions are recorded and archived for your team to review if they need a refresher.


Icon - Transparency & Accountability

Transparency and Accountability

Fostering stakeholder confidence and industry-wide adoption of sustainable practices.

Icon - Policy leaders


Shaping policies and setting standards for corporate responsibility through active discussions.

Innovative Sustainability Solutions

Implementing technology-driven carbon offsetting initiatives and fostering environmentally-friendly travel choices to exceed sustainability goals.

Icon - Holistic Approach


Integrating core principles in all aspects of business operation to create a company culture that respects and promotes sustainable practices.

Elevate Sustainability: Direct ATPI Halo

Dedicated to reshaping the future of corporate travel, Direct ATPI Halo is our pioneering initiative for sustainable travel. Seamlessly integrating CO2 measurement, reduction, and carbon compensation services, we champion sustainable solutions that align with your corporate objectives. Embrace transparency, choice, and innovation as we guide organizations towards a sustainable travel footprint, anchored in world-class offsetting projects and aligned with the United Nations SDGs.

Direct ATPI Halo Global Travel

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Direct Travel — your passport to effortless corporate journeys. Connect with us today to start building unmatched travel solutions!

Letʼs Get Started

Letʼs Get Started

Direct Travel—your passport to effortless corporate journeys. Connect with us today to start building unmatched travel solutions!

Direct Travel—your passport to effortless corporate journeys. Connect with us today to start building unmatched travel solutions!