Introducing Avenir

From Direct Travel, comes Avenir: A next-generation travel technology built on an open platform to harness the power of Spotnana, Troop, and Center. Backed by the superior service capabilities of the Direct Travel team, we’re creating an intuitive and connected experience for travel, expense, and meetings management.

Meet Our Tech Partners

Working in tandem with our innovative technology partners, Avenir integrates all aspects of travel, expense, and meetings management into a best-in-class solution with the broadest inventory of content available. Plus, by building on a new travel infrastructure of open technology, we’re inviting other innovators to join us on our journey to create “The Perfect Trip” for today’s business travelers.

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  • Cutting-Edge Travel Management via Spotnana

    Utilize Spotnana’s cloud-based travel platform to elevate the traveler experience. Spotnana’s modern interface provides access to the widest range of content sources along with industry-leading support for self-service trip changes. Powerful tools for travel managers enable seamless management of corporate travel with increased cost savings and compliance.
  • Advanced Expense Management with Center

    Implement Center’s expense management solution, offering real-time expense reporting for real-time decision making and simplification of accounting processes—improving compliance and eliminating the need for traditional expense reports. Card-centric expense management unifies data and policy application and enables visibility and control of all employee spending including off program bookings.
  • Efficient Meetings & Events Planning from Troop

    Leverage Troop’s capabilities to plan and manage group meetings and events effortlessly, integrating travel arrangements directly within the planning tool to optimize logistics and reduce overhead costs.
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“Our goal is to ensure transparency between the traveler and the supplier, creating a better experience for both. By establishing an open architecture that anyone can build on and extend, we are inviting other innovators to join us on this journey to create 'The Perfect Trip'”
Steve Singh, Executive Chairman, Direct Travel

In Pursuit of The Perfect Trip

At Direct Travel, we’re proud to be guided by industry leaders who understand the market and have a proven track record of driving growth and success. Direct Travel’s Executive Chairman Steve Singh has been in pursuit of The Perfect Trip since his days as founder of Concur. This means not only making travel simpler and more efficient but also elevating every aspect of the journey. Now, with AI advancements and NDC adoption pushing the world of business travel to rethink what’s possible, this quest for The Perfect Trip is closer to being realized than ever before. Join us in pursuit of The Perfect Trip and discover how we can transform your travel program into a strategic asset that supports your business goals and delights travelers in the process.

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Letʼs Get Started

Letʼs Get Started

Direct Travel—your passport to effortless corporate journeys. Connect with us today to start building unmatched travel solutions!

Direct Travel—your passport to effortless corporate journeys. Connect with us today to start building unmatched travel solutions!