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Risk Management

of travel managers don’t know how long it would take to locate all their travelers in a crisis
of business travelers agree that any destination could be “high-risk”
1 in 5
managers report using technology to capture traveler data booked out of policy

Anticipate, Locate, and Communicate

Direct Travel's risk management solution prioritizes safety, offering real-time data and communication tools to ensure your travelers are protected and informed. Customized to meet your company's unique needs, our duty of care platform mitigates risk for both travelers and your business.


Stay informed as situations evolve

Receive travel alerts 24/7 with real-time updates on global situations and changing travel conditions. From weather events to transport issues, these alerts keep travelers informed and prepared, with customized triggers and categorizations based on importance.

Consistent communications and notifications

  • Real-time, 24/7 alerts on global situations affecting travel.
  • Alerts are sortable by importance (Negligible, Low, Moderate, High, Extreme).
  • Customizable alert triggers based on individual needs.
  • Automatic email updates providing essential transportation, health, weather, and security information.
  • Effective risk management tools ensuring safety and preparedness.

Intelligent preparation

Our trip briefs provide vital pre-trip information for international travelers, aiding in preparation and ensuring peace of mind. Get details on aspects such as security, health, and entry/exit information for the intended destination.

Actionable intelligence for your travelers

  • Provides crucial details about the destination, enhancing trip preparedness.
  • Encompasses significant categories such as security, health, and entry/exit Information.
  • Helps to anticipate potential challenges and devise appropriate strategies.
  • Contributes to safer, more informed, and hassle-free international travel.
  • Fosters peace of mind through comprehensive pre-travel insights.

Know where your people are

Our traveler tracking solution empowers businesses to quickly locate and communicate with their personnel during emergencies. It provides a comprehensive, global view of all travelers and enables precise tracking, even down to itinerary specifics, straight from a dedicated portal.

Quick, reliable traveler tracking

  • Allows quick and precise location of individuals or groups during emergencies.
  • Facilitates immediate communication with travelers to navigate them through ground conditions.
  • Offers a global view of all travelers for a broad situational awareness.
  • Integrates with other systems seamlessly for efficient tracking and management.

Prepared for anything

Direct Travel partners with experts in the field of medicine and evacuation to get travelers home safely when crises arise. Whether it be civil upheaval or natural disasters, we ensure prompt assistance during emergencies, mitigating stress and providing invaluable help to travelers far from familiar resources.

Service and expertise when and where you need it most

  • Provides access to trusted medical and evacuation partners for immediate help.
  • Lessens stress by coordinating essential support during crises.
  • Helps travelers feel safer and supported even when far from home.
  • Tailors proactive risk management strategies to suit the unique needs of each company.
  • Offers peace of mind to companies by ensuring traveler safety in emergencies.
Icon - Global Portal Access

Global Portal Access

Get a comprehensive view of all your travelers and their itineraries to ensure quick responses when needed.

Icon - Locate and Communicate

Locate and Communicate

Reach your travelers swiftly via text, email, or text-to-speech, keeping them informed during any crisis.

Icon - Informative Briefs

Informative Briefs

Equip your travelers with detailed destination intelligence before departure, improving their safety and readiness.

Icon - Real Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Your travelers receive instant updates on any security incidents, helping them avoid danger and stay informed throughout their journey.

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TravelStack is a collection of carefully curated partners and strategic tools designed to identify and reinforce gaps in your travel program. Give us your challenges and let us elevate your travel program with specialized solutions to increase compliance, improve risk management, deliver measurable savings, and dramatically enhance your travelers’ experience.

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Letʼs Get Started

Direct Travel—your passport to effortless corporate journeys. Connect with us today to start building unmatched travel solutions!

Direct Travel—your passport to effortless corporate journeys. Connect with us today to start building unmatched travel solutions!