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Revolutionizing Cost Management

In an era of fluctuating travel costs and supply chain disruptions, Direct Travel delivers cost savings you can count on. Our managed travel programs leverage industry relationships, cutting-edge automation, and a team of seasoned professionals—ensuring value, efficiency, and consistent pricing for your business. Beyond just managing costs, we aim to provide an aerial view of your entire travel program. Our team works to identify opportunities for savings and design tailored solutions that account for obvious areas, like ticket pricing and hotel rates, as well as hidden costs. This comprehensive approach allows us to uncover and address your travel program's full range of potential savings.


Stop wasting money

Direct Travel’s Unused Ticket Manager combats financial waste by automatically identifying and tracking unused tickets. It provides status updates, deadline notifications, and real-time reports. Plus, if a traveler misses a credit opportunity, the software redirects the booking to an advisor for adjustments—all at no additional cost.

Streamlined unused ticket tracking

  • Automated detection of open and unused tickets to prevent wastage.
  • Routine checks and status logs to keep track of all unused tickets.
  • Real-time reporting for immediate insight and control.
  • Booking adjustments by advisors when travelers miss credit opportunities.
  • Comprehensive ticket management at no additional cost.

Boost performance and increase savings

Through Direct View Consulting, we leverage our supplier relations, volume purchasing, and subject matter sourcing experts to deliver savings and cost avoidance across all travel—Air, Car, and Hotel. Our team evaluates existing contracts, sets ideal sales targets, manages supplier agreements, and optimizes contract benefits, all driven by thorough data analysis and expert consultation.

Strategic sourcing expertise with Direct View Consulting

  • Evaluates existing contracts to identify potential improvements.
  • Sets ideal sales targets to align with business goals.
  • Manages and tracks multiple supplier contracts.
  • Maximizes contract benefits to enhance overall performance.
  • Uses comprehensive data analysis to optimize savings potential.

Finding the best accommodations

Our team applies their over 25 years of industry experience to ensure clients secure the best possible hotel rates and amenities. They achieve this through a six-step process that includes strategy formation, rigorous analytics, sourcing of best-suited hotels, an online directory, detailed reporting, and rate auditing.

The value of the Direct Global Hotel Program

  • Negotiation strategies tailored to your goals and a travel policy to meet your specific needs.
  • Rigorous analytics that help identify previously unseen opportunities.
  • Validation through multiple benchmarks ensures you get the finest rates and amenities.
  • An online directory allows for easy searches for program-specific hotels.
  • A comprehensive selection of real-time and benchmarking reports for transparent results.

Negotiating corporate air travel

Direct Travel leverages strategic negotiation and dynamic technologies to guarantee the lowest airfares for corporate travel. With an emphasis on both domestic and international travel, our consulting team employs proprietary tools and specialized expertise to drive significant savings on air travel costs.

Guaranteed lowest airfares

  • Additional savings are driven by the Direct Savings Desk for international and high-cost domestic tickets.
  • Expert itinerary building and pricing from the International Rate Desk, generating an average savings of 25-40%.
  • Access to discounted global in-country airfares through GlobalX Fare technology, offering a competitive edge.
  • Broad coverage with 50 airlines worldwide and an average of 12% savings across all routes.
  • Opportunities for even higher savings on top air routes, while retaining airline loyalty points and benefits.

Powerful, flexible tools

Direct Travel leverages robust travel reporting tools to provide real-time access to critical data 24/7/365. Our suite includes over 95 standard reports with flexible filters and criteria and offers customizable ad hoc reports for deeper insights.

Level up your air savings

  • Real-time access to critical data for informed decision-making.
  • Over 95 standard reports adaptable to your unique needs.
  • Specialist support for complex ad hoc report creation.
  • Executive-level analytics suite for detailed insight and benchmarking.
  • Actionable advice and progress tracking through comprehensive data review.
Pricing Transparency

Pricing Transparency

Our "what you see is what you get" approach ensures clients access to the most competitive rates and discounts. It's that simple.

Automated Efficiency

Automated Efficiency

Through automation, we streamline travel buying and management, significantly reducing the time and resources spent on these processes.

Real-Time Price Tracking

Our price tracking solution, Direct Price Assurance, monitors rates and automatically re-books at the lowest rate, maximizing savings and ROI.

High Value Service

High-Value Service

Beyond cost savings, we prioritize high-quality, responsive service to alleviate travel management burdens, saving clients time and energy.

TravelStack™ Supplier Marketplace

TravelStack is a collection of carefully curated partners and strategic tools designed to identify and reinforce gaps in your travel program. Give us your challenges and let us elevate your travel program with specialized solutions to increase compliance, improve risk management, deliver measurable savings, and dramatically enhance your travelers’ experience.

TravelStack Supplier Marketplace

Letʼs Get Started

Letʼs Get Started

Direct Travel—your passport to effortless corporate journeys. Connect with us today to start building unmatched travel solutions!

Direct Travel—your passport to effortless corporate journeys. Connect with us today to start building unmatched travel solutions!