Global Travel

Challenge: Global Travel


Visa/Passport Did you know an unprecedented number of Americans are traveling abroad? That’s millions of passports and countless visas. In order to help our clients … Continue reading "Visa/Passport"

International Tools

International Tools Today, we walk around with digital personal assistant apps at our beck and call—so it’s no surprise that travelers expect travel technology to … Continue reading "International Tools"


Negotiating Corporate Air Travel At Direct Travel, we buy smarter—which means you save more money. From contract negotiations to proprietary low fare technologies, we maximize … Continue reading "Airfare"

Locate & Communicate

Traveler Tracking: Locate & Communicate In an emergency situation, time is of the essence when you need to find your company’s most important asset: your … Continue reading "Locate & Communicate"

Risk Management

Travel Risk Management “The social and ethical dimension of responsible travel management goes beyond sustainable procurement. Business travel is an integral part of conducting business … Continue reading "Risk Management"
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