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Data driven savings and insights

Getting the best airfare doesn’t stop when the booking is made. FairFly works in lockstep with Direct Travel to save you up to 4% of your global air spend. Full transparency over your air spend means you can rest assured you’re getting the best deals.

Powerful data at your fingertips

Insights into your corporate negotiated rates versus public fares, travel policy analysis, savings opportunities, compliance breakdown, tax savings and much more.

Industry leading savings rates

Fare tracking, auditing and rebooking with FairFly beyond the void window; we’ve seen savings of up to 4% of annual air spend with our best practices and 8% with an aggressive rebooking setup.

Completely customizable to your needs

At FairFly, we know that every company is different. That is why our tools are the most customizable in the industry; travel policy rules, re-booking policies, savings thresholds and alternative flight combinations.