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Virtual payment optimises the flow of corporate travel booking and the key advantage of virtual cards: using a card number only once gives every purchase its own unique identifier. This allows data to be customised and tracked all the way through the life cycle of the booking.

Eliminate fraud and unauthorised spending

Control what employees spend. You can set whatever parameters you like on every purchase made with a virtual card. Tailored controls include:

  • The maximum or exact amount that can be paid
  • Who is paid
  • When the payment is made

Automate reconciliation

Or, more accurately, get rid of the need for reconciliation. With virtual cards, the unique payment number generated at point of sale means the purchase and payment are inherently reconciled as soon as payment is made.

Eliminate post-trip expense reporting

Virtual card payments are managed, reconciled and paid centrally. This leaves fewer expenses to be reclaimed retrospectively after the trip, saving time for travellers and finance admins alike.