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Travel Risk Management

Keep Your Travellers Informed and Prepared

Our multi-faceted approach to travel risk management offers you a combination of information and technology to assist your travellers when it’s needed the most. We help you lay the foundation for duty of care by providing tools you can use to assess threats and take action as a situation is developing, identify travellers who may be at risk, and facilitate communication when you need to the most.

Travel Advisories & Alerts

Before a trip even begins, your travellers are provided with essential pre-trip information to prepare them for their travel. These travel advisories cover a number of categories, including health guidelines, security warnings, entry requirements, customs information, and much more. Additionally, travel alerts are delivered when unanticipated events create travel disruptions, such as severe weather or airport delays.

Traveller Tracking

If a traveller’s safety could be at risk, being able to quickly locate and identify them is essential. When the unexpected occurs, we work diligently to support your travellers and modify their travel arrangements as needed. Additionally, you can access a real-time dashboard indicating the location of each traveller with an integrated risk assessment tool.

Security Support

To assist with the risk mitigation element of your travel program, Direct Travel can support your security provider to deliver enhanced services for your travellers. This includes time-sensitive advice, coordinating in-country assistance related to travel risk, medical assistance benefits, delivering medical and evacuation assistance and more.

Direct2U Mobile App

This business travel app improves the traveller experience with an extensive set of travel resources while also complimenting the safety and security aspects of your travel program. Direct2U ensures your travellers have the guidance and support of a travel advisor 24/7, with the ability to reach out for assistance at the push of a button. Learn More.

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