Our Amazing Support Team

Whew, the past 3 months have certainly been beyond overwhelming for those of us in the Travel Industry!

I wanted to let you know how much I have felt supported by our amazing team!

As Jennifer knows I had some resistance to working from home but I can honestly say that because of the wonderful support and your frequent Town Hall meetings I still feel very much connected and am quite enjoying it.  

super special thanks to the following people that I deal with on a regular basis,

Maria and her accounting team of Tracey (so amazing dealing with all my retreat group canx and rebooks), Andrew, and Tina.  Processing my cc merchant charges and refunds and coordinating all my cheque requests.

Bonnie, Dallas and Michelle in Advisor Support – always cheerful and there to help with all these confusing and complicated CB refunds, FTC invoices.

Rajiv, Marcia and Elizabeth at the Air Desk- helping me to keep up with all the airline Covid policies and procedures and answering my endless questions.

Raj, Miran and Sergey so patient and helpful getting me set up at home and always there to fix my laptop glitches.

I hope I have not missed anyone.  I am forever grateful for everyone’s support.  I feel part of something much larger than just me and want you to know how now, more than ever, I am proud and happy to be part of the Vision/Direct Travel family.

I believe their will be brighter days ahead and our attitude moving forward will make all the difference.


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