Just a Thank You

I just wanted to take the time to send you an email and say thank you to everyone at Direct Travel.  I couldn’t be happier that Travel Market Vacations became part of the DT family just over a year ago.  In these difficult times, I ask myself how anyone could make it without the support being received from management at Direct Travel.  Virtuoso has sent out wonderful emails; however, it just isn’t the same as what you and DT are doing to support us that are “out in the field”

I’ve been in this business a long time – both as an owner and as an IC.  I know how many hats everyone has to wear.  I was an owner of an API agency beginning in 1990 until I sold the agency in 1998.  I also worked for The Carlson Companies managing their company owned offices in Wisconsin.  When those offices were sold, I became an independent contractor in 2004. (OMG – over 15 years working from my home office). 

I’m including that information so you know that I speak with credibility when I tell you what a terrific job Direct Travel is doing in keeping all of the leisure agents informed…and I do mean all the agents, both employees and IC’s.  The Town Hall Meetings have been so informative and truly helpful. The emails are just good information I would not have access to without being included on the email list.  

The response time from management has been nothing short of phenomenal.

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