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Are you an independent travel agent looking to join North America’s leading agency as an ITA? Learn more about the hosting benefits we can offer you

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Do you already own a travel agency – but want to launch your career as an ITA to focus on your clients? Find out how we can help you make the move.

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Are you an agency owner looking to keep your team together, hosted by a leading agency? Discover the benefits of joining Direct Travel as a hosted agency.

What’s New with Hosting at Direct Travel

Don’t Worry – Not Every Client is a Perfect Fit

As featured in Sphere on In travel, we interact with customers in a different way from almost every other…

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Four of Canada’s Direct Travel advisors named to prestigious Virtuoso Cruise Icons list

Stephen Smith, senior vice-president of leisure strategy & marketing of Direct Travel (formerly Vision Travel) is pleased to advise that…

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Six of Direct Travel’s U.S. Advisors Make Virtuoso’s 2023 Cruise Icon List

Shawna Copeland, Joe Galli, Valerie Rooney, Nancy Yale, Nick Moran, Jesse Taylor  Go Above and Beyond in Cruising Six top…

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What Happens When a Travel Niche Finds You

As seen in Travel Market Report Most business pundits say that success is built on identifying a need and then…

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