Why Join as an Independent Travel Advisor?

It’s All In The Family

We believe that first and foremost, you should feel at home at your host agency.

If the fit doesn’t feel right, don’t compromise.

Flexibility Within A Framework

We understand that you are successful because of who you are and how you conduct your business and we want to support that, not change it.

Our Partnerships are Paramount

We’re not just talking about our partnership with you, which of course is fundamental. We’re talking about our supplier partnerships.

Yes, we have top tier commissions.
Yes, we have a robust hotel program.
Yes, we get exclusive offers to make you shine.

But what really stands out is the relationships we have with the people at the top of those organizations. This ensures that when things need to get done, they get done.

We Built a Program Just For You

We call it Direct ASCENT and it was designed specifically to help you reach your goals as an independent travel advisor.

A – Access
S – Support
C – Community
E – Elevate
N – Networking
T – Training & Development

The Benefits of Virtuoso

Our membership in Virtuoso provides your clients with exclusive benefits and complimentary amenities for cruises, vacations, private resorts and ultra-luxe experiences.

It also opens up specialized communities where you can network with like-minded peers and provides access to award winning publications for your most important clients.

The Virtuoso network offers unmatched advantages to those who want to optimize their travel business and increase their revenues.

Our Goal is to Make You Look Good

  • You have access to a variety of Leads Programs
  • You have access with a customizable, personal website
  • Our client engagement programs make you shine, time and time again
  • All marketing is personalized from you to your client, we never get in the way
  • All of our marketing programs are optional – you are in control

We are ready to have a discreet conversation