Direct Travel launches travel information portal

With a continued focus on prioritizing safety and delivering smarter solutions for its clients, top North American travel management company Direct Travel, Inc. has announced a new partnership with Sherpa to empower both clients and advisors with accurate COVID-19 information throughout the planning process and travel journey.

Since the pandemic first caused waves of disruption throughout the travel industry last year, advisors and clients have relied on combing through multiple sources of information to stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures. The Sherpa integration pulls data from more than 2,000 sources, and puts it at the advisor’s or client’s fingertips.

“With ever-shifting government policies and frequent supplier changes, it’s critical that travelers and businesses have a solution in place to pinpoint how these changes may impact their travel,” said John Coffman, Direct Travel’s Chief Financial Officer. “Sherpa places safety and security front and center, providing real-time data to prioritize the safety of travelers.”

Sherpa intelligence will be available through Direct Travel websites. This integration fits naturally with Direct Travel’s continued commitment to educating its clients and keeping travelers protected in the new environment. Sherpa technology ensures travelers will have access to the relevant COVID-19 content throughout every touchpoint of the travel journey.

“Direct Travel’s goal in forging new partnerships has always been to provide value to our clients by equipping them with the right tools for their travel programs and plans,” said Darryl Hoover, Direct Travel’s Chief Technology Officer. “This integration with Sherpa provides our clients with timely content and the latest technology, making their travel simpler and smarter than before.”

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Sherpa is the leading global provider of travel identification requirements for the travel industry. The Sherpa vision is to provide every traveler with the information they need and the documentation they require to move confidently and securely across borders.

“At Sherpa, we are focused on enabling people who have been locked down to open new opportunities, keeping track of a world that changes more in a week than it used to in a year,” says Sherpa Co-founder and CEO Max Tremaine.

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