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Save 15% or more on T&E

Rocketrip is a business travel rewards platform that encourages employees to spend responsibly on T&E. Travelers who spend under Rocketrip’s custom Price to Beat on airfare, hotels and more are rewarded with 50% of the savings.

drive savings

Drive significant savings on T&E

Rocketrip makes it easy and enjoyable for employees to save on travel. Our customers save an average of 15% or more on T&E. We’re so confident that we refund companies who don’t earn back at least the value of their investment.

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A self-funded benefits program

Travelers love saving with Rocketrip. For simple and convenient choices, they earn money to spend on the things that matter most to them. From home renovations and vacations to charitable donations, the rewards are meaningful and personal.

increase satisfaction

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Works with your current travel stack

Rocketrip is neither a travel agency nor an online booking tool. Rather, it works with companies’ existing travel tools and policies to motivate cost conscious spending decisions among employees. For Concur users, Rocketrip also has an integration.