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Focus Point

Our People – Your Peace of Mind

FocusPoint International is a global risk consultancy that specializes in travel risk management, business resiliency for multinational organizations and crisis response solutions.


24/7 Worldwide Assistance

Comprehensive and interactive destination-based health, safety and security information and traveller tracking, supported by 24/7 Crisis Response Centers staffed with dedicated, multi-lingual medical, security and crisis response specialists who provide on-demand advice and coordinated assistance.

Global Response Teams

Global Response Teams

Over 5,000 proprietary and vetted medical, security, aviation and crisis response assets dispersed across 130 countries capable of rapid response to medical and security-centric events that impact members during a period of travel.

Global Response Teams


No Additional Costs

CAP™ memberships include global assistance, up to and including evacuations and repatriations for medical and security-centric incidents at no additional costs.