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Planning & Packing

The key to a safe and successful trip starts before you travel. Even the most experienced of travelers will have new best practices to learn as a result of recent supplier changes and government restrictions. You will need to verify that you’re packing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and planning the details of your itinerary according to the latest information and expert health advice. Access the FAQs and resource links below.

Frequently asked questions:

Resuming business travel is dependent on multiple factors, including where you live, where you’re traveling, mode of transportation, border restrictions, what precautionary measures you and your company are taking, and your own health and level of comfort. We recommend consulting experts such as  the CDC and the World Health Organization to determine where outbreaks are located, and the current risk levels.

Most parts of the travel journey will require you wear a face mask covering both your mouth and nose depending on local/regional mandates and individual supplier policies. Pack extra masks to last the duration of your trip and for your return flight home. Airlines do not allow masks with vents/exhaust valves or face shields, and some do not allow gaiters, bandanas, or cloth masks. Airlines may revise their authorized face mask policies, and we recommend you verify the requirements listed on their website in advance to ensure you are in compliance.

You should also consider carrying an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (TSA and CATSA allow up to 12 oz/355 ml) and anti-bacterial wipes. Additional PPE, such as gloves or eye protection, are not mandatory but may be used depending on where you are traveling and your preexisting health conditions. Check with your employer regarding their safety protocols and recommendations.

Yes, stay informed by downloading supplier apps for air, hotel, and ground transportation. These apps have been enhanced to better maintain social distancing by offering touchless service including ticketing, check-in, baggage check, and receipts. If flying, download the myTSA app for 24/7 access to airport security changes, helpful tips when preparing for security, and information regarding items allowed in carry-ons and checked bags. You should also check to see if your hotel offer touchless check-in through their mobile app. To manage your travel itinerary on the road, download the Direct2U mobile app.

Most major hotel, air, and ground transportation suppliers are offering added flexibility to their cancellation and refund policies. Call your Direct Travel Advisory for accurate and up-to-date cancellation policies.

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