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ROI Calculator

Calculate your Return on Investment with Direct Travel.

Using the business travel ROI calculator below, answer a few short questions about your current travel program and we will calculate how much your company could be saving.

Do you currently have a consolidated travel program in which the majority of company travel is booked through one source and/or agency?

Please rate your business travel policy:

  • 1 - No control or cost savings methods in place
  • 3 - Moderate control and compliance methods in place
  • 5 - All control and compliance methods mandated and enforced
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Has your business travel policy been updated since airlines have implemented ancillary charges?

(airline baggage fees, seat charges, Wi-Ficharges, food and beverage, etc.)

Do you have a mandated corporate credit card program for travel expenses?

Estimated your total annual company travel expendature

If you know annual travel expenses details please list them below.

Air Fares

Ground Transportation


Meals, Inceidentals, Entertainment, Mileage, Other...

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