• "Our transaction fee for managing a customer’s travel program is typically less than 2% of their total T&E portfolio. To deliver significant cost savings on behalf of the entire T&E portfolio, Direct Travel has invested in some truly industry-leading programs. We strongly believe that we can provide customers with material return on their investment on our transaction costs."

    John Coffman Direct Travel’s Chief Financial Officer

Today, business is conducted at lightning speed, and is accelerating all the time. Direct Travel’s commitment is to help our customers stay ahead and prosper in this radically new business environment. We have what it takes to deliver on that promise.

Direct Travel offers talented, experienced travel professionals, along with some of the most progressive traveler apps, booking, risk management and analytical reporting technologies in the industry today. That is precisely what makes Direct Travel the perfect fit for companies that want better planning, control and ROI without sacrificing the kind of high-end, white glove customer service thought by many to be a thing of the past.

Our arsenal of efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective programs ensures that our clients never fall behind.

Supplier relations are critical to travel management. Our Strategic Industry Negotiations Team identifies valuable savings opportunities to ensure that our clients get the most out of this key component.

  • Supports and oversees key supplier negotiations and design methods.
  • Shifts market share from one supplier to another when appropriate.
  • Analyzes travel spend to develop strategic negotiations plans for airline, car rental, hotel and/or related services.

But that’s not all. Even as our team works tirelessly to identify savings, our industry Contracts provide further discounts while simultaneously increasing the value of each purchase through upgrades, increased individual travelers’ status, and more.

Over 40 percent of corporate business travel is international, making it one of the greatest areas for potential cost savings. Direct Travel is responsible for the creative evaluation of international itineraries and the utilization of international currency conversions to reduce airfares. Our International Rate Desk is comprised of senior level travel specialists responsible for determining the best faring for all international itineraries.

  • Compares the best rate to the rates negotiated by Direct Savings Desk, ensuring the absolute best value.
  • Cluster discounts and domestic/international city-pair-specific net rates are available on multiple major airlines.
  • In some markets, tickets are available for purchase in bulk for resale. Discounts offered range from 10% to 50%.

Direct Travel is extraordinarily unique with its Direct Savings Desk, which provides additional savings for not only the more expensive destinations, such as international and transcon flights, but also with business and first class travel.

This unique service has delivered measurable savings to our clients. Every ticket with a value of at least $500.00 is further scrutinized by our dedicated team of rate calculation experts for the best fare calculation to ensure Direct Travel delivers the best price to the traveler. Our clients experience an average reduction of international travel costs from 25% – 40%.

Direct Travel offers the widest selection of hotels in every price category through our Premier Hotel Program:

  • Complimentary value-added services, locations, facilities and preferred rates at over 33,000 properties, in 7,500 cities around the world.
  • More than 19,000 properties with a discount of up to 35% off the Best Available Rate.
  • Block Space in over 60,000 rooms through a Safety Net program.
  • Premier privileges for 4 & 5 star properties with special amenities for VIP travelers.

Direct Travel is a preferred reseller of Prime Analytics, a powerful data reporting and business intelligence technology branded as Direct Result.

  • Delivers actionable, relevant data analytics for managing, reducing and optimizing spend.
  • Manages goals, maximizes ROI, initiates benchmark comparisons using a live benchmarking database of over 40,000 companies and organizations, manages suppliers and preforms custom analyses.

With Direct Result powered by Prime Analytics, our clients can preform real-time assessments on the performance of their travel program and continuously make policy and compliance improvements that directly impact their bottom line.

Direct Travel employs OnTrack Unused Ticket Manager to identify unused electronic ticket transactions and integrate the ability to refund or reuse unused tickets within the automated system.

  • Flags all unused tickets, online or agent-booked, during the development of the new reservation and applied, if applicable.
  • Provides automatic notifications to travelers who have an unused ticket on file.
  • Reminds travelers 30-days prior to the expiration date if the unused ticket is still on file.
  • Automatically tracks unused tickets and offers them for exchange when a reservation is created or changed online, driving dramatic cost savings as corporate travelers rarely exchange unused tickets.
  • Creates real time report for the continuous management of unused tickets and savings.

Direct Contract Optimizer powered by Sabre, combines powerful business intelligence with unmatched expertise in revenue management in order to provide significant bottom line savings for our clients. The integrated service components of Direct Contract Optimizer include: sales planning, content customization, weekly, monthly or quarterly reporting and ongoing analysis. 

Our clients are able to efficiently manage multiple air supplier contracts, track airline performance, maximize contract benefits, and leverage Direct Travel’s Airline Optimizer expertise to achieve their business objectives and reduce corporate travel spend up to 5%.