• "When your customers are putting their trust in you to deliver cost savings across their entire T&E portfolio, you better have solutions to deliver those savings. If you don’t, one of your competitors does."

    Darryl Hoover Direct Travel’s Chief Technology Officer

Direct Travel’s approach to technology is simple: we don’t make technology, we make it better!

It’s all about competing smarter, which no longer requires building technical solutions from the ground up. Rather, we focus on building and fostering smart partnerships with leading technology providers that share our vision - to deliver a broad set of innovative solutions designed to drive savings for both Direct Travel and our valued customers.


A few of our Innovative Technologies include, but are not limited to:

Through a strategic telecommunications partnership with West IP Communications, Direct Travel is able to offer enhanced call quality, data reporting, geographical and system redundancies, and 99.999% proper functionality.
SACA Technologies, our Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider, delivers the services and infrastructure we need in order to maintain and grow Direct Travel’s business. Through cloud server hosting, Direct Travel benefits from reduced operational costs and mitigated IT infrastructure overheads, as well as: enhanced security, data segregation, data recovery, monitoring and reporting, and business continuity for our employees and customers.
Direct Travel utilizes multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS) for access to air, car, hotel, and other inventory providers booking systems. This benefits our agents from a productivity standpoint, and our clients can feel confident that we can secure the best inventory, schedules, availability, fares, booking options, and fulfillment for all travel providers.
Direct Travel utilizes Booking Builder technology in order to access web-based fares and tertiary carriers that may not be available in the GDS inventory. In addition, Direct Travel’s online booking tools also provide full web content. Content from multiple systems is available to the user through a single search result for both GDS content and web-fares, to ensure the lowest fare regardless of the source.
Direct Travel offers the opportunity for travelers to make their own reservations through a managed, online booking tool. We have the ability to support most major online booking products available in the market today. We help our clients choose the best online booking solution based on their unique business needs. Direct Travel offers each customer a designated site, customized to include individual traveler profiles, company policies and negotiated contracts for air, car, and hotel. We ensure an efficient booking experience with proven adoption programs reaching 85%+.
Direct Travel’s Quality Control software automatically performs data entry checks and includes a number of review tasks for increased accuracy. Every transaction issued (booked either through an agent or a managed, online booking tool), is sent through Direct Travel’s 24-hour automated quality control system which searches for alternatives in fares and flights, enabling our agents to continually offer the most competitive pricing.

Direct Travel’s Direct Compliance powered by Cornerstone technology supports online booking tool usage by delivering automated messages to the traveler during the booking process. Through Direct Compliance, travelers can receive detailed messages when booking out of policy for increased awareness, visibility and company savings. Automated messages can be customized to include: alternate air, car, hotel options and associated pricing, links to training and online booking tool resources, and contact information for online technical support.

Direct Hotel RFP powered by Sabre technology provides a centralized and streamlined solution for obtaining hotel pricing proposals. Direct Travel’s clients can easily customize RFPs and track bids, responses and negotiations at the push of a button – saving valuable time and money.

Direct Data powered by iBank is a global, web-based travel data consolidation and reporting tool that delivers data in real time, 24/7. Through Direct Data, clients have access to a combination of 95 standardized reports and additional ad-hoc options, providing unlimited flexibility and complete control over their travel data.

Direct2U – Mobile powered by Mantic Point delivers powerful, proactive support to travelers while they are on the road. Travelers receive timely, personalized information about their trip, including: flight status updates, weather forecasts, traffic details, itinerary reminders and destination information, 24/7. Available on Android and iOS mobile devices, our clients have the unique ability to customize their mobile application with their unique branding and messaging.

Direct Travel also provides an integrated itinerary management platform, which enables our clients to access vital travel data via email, online or a mobile device. This multi-channel service, branded as Direct2U – Direct Itinerary powered by Mantic Point, provides a consistent, branded information resource that travelers can access from any location and any platform, for the very latest itinerary content.

For enhanced security, Direct Travel provides 24/7 agent support, powerful traveler tracking, disruption management and community messaging to ensure the safety of every traveler. Direct2U - Duty of Care powered by Mantic Point technology automatically monitors, identifies and proactively alerts travelers to disruptive events around the globe.

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Direct Travel offers clients a mobile application that helps travelers better manage and navigate language and cultural barriers when traveling abroad. Direct Global Assist powered by TripLingo makes it easy and enjoyable for travelers to learn the local language, improving the international business traveler’s overall experience.

"We are proud to partner with TripLingo and introduce a cutting-edge mobile application that not only helps international travelers address language, cultural and safety challenges abroad, but also promotes significant cost savings”, said Darryl Hoover, Chief Technology Officer of Direct Travel.

Features and Benefits Include:

Phrases, Translation & Learning Tools

  • 2,000+ local phrases per language with audio
  • Instant voice translator
  • Audio lessons, flashcards and more

Cost Savings

  • Wi-Fi dialer: call any international phone number using Wi-Fi ($28+ savings on 30 minute call) 2,000+ local phrases per language with audio
  • Tip calculator: suggests appropriate tip in different situations (up to $19/day in savings)

Traveler Safety

  • Instant access to a live translator or security hotline
  • Medical, emergency and food allergy phrases
  • Embassy and hospital locator

Cultural Awareness & Traveler Satisfaction

  • Culture tips for common business situations
  • Easily communicate and avoid hassles
  • Currency converter, tip calculator and other essential tools

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